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Apply for B's Award

B's Award Page

You May Apply For B's Award by simply clicking on the award itself and emailing a request. Be sure to include the url of your site.

Please Note:

  • Do not apply if your site is an adult and/or pornographic site, if your site contains profanity, racism, or objectionable material that is not considered family-friendly by the general viewing audience on the internet. This includes any links to such material from your homepage.
  • Do apply if your site is both WebTV and PC compatible, easy to navigate, easy to load, and/or contains the type of content to receive 'B's One of the Best' award, which means it is more or less family-friendly, for all ages, and considered such by the general viewing audience on the internet.

Click On The Award Below To Apply
please put the word 'award' in the subject line of your email

Click to Apply for Award

put award in subject line request

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