What Are Web Rings?

Thinking of joining or creating your own web ring? There are literally thousands of them on the internet. There are many WebTV only and/or WebTV user managed web rings.

Web rings are web sites banded together, by subject, interest, etc., to form into continous links to one another. The idea is that if you visited every site, then you would eventually be linked back to the site where you began in the ring. This concept and technology was made possible to the world wide internet in 1997 by Web Ring Inc.

Web Ring Inc., at http://www.webring.org/, remains the most widely used service. There you can learn about its history, services and information you would need to join or start a web ring of your own.

There is some discussion, among the internet at large, about the usefulness of web rings. Most people join them to increase traffic to their own sites. An unofficial poll was taken at this site. The question was asked ' Do You Visit Web Rings?' With 111 people voting, the highest percentage resulted in a definite 'yes' response.

Which one to join or what kind to start are both articles for another time. It is suggested that you should view many before making any decisions. There is no limit as to the number of web rings you may join. You may join one or as many as you wish.

To join a web ring, you simply click on join on the ring panel of the web ring you like. If you are thinking about starting one of your own, then you can view the many panel styles already available by perusing the many WebTV web rings at this site.

Questions about any specific ring should be directed to the web ring owner. You will usually find an address or email addy located on the join page for each.

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