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Welcome to "My Library of Links." These links are excellent sites to visit for personal help and for a general exploration of the internet. Have a great day compliments of Dear B!

  • Ask The Experts

    Here you can Ask An Expert about any topic and receive your reply via email. Don't miss anything on this site. There is a world of information from many experts for every age group.

  • What Can You Do On The World Wide Web?

    Here you will find links to everything You CAN Do On The WWW from finding maps for every country to buying a theater ticket to checking a vehicle's Blue Book value. There's too much to tell. You simply have to visit this site!

  • Consumer Information Center

    This is the largest one-stop shopping center for Federal Consumer Publications, located in Pueblo, CO. You can order free publications about cars, children, food and nutrition, federal programs, and much more!

  • Internet Oracle

    A site where you can search Many Search Engines in One Place for answers about medical questions, people, companies, and more, all at this one site.

  • The Reporter's Desktop

    This Reporter's Desktop Site was put together by a reporter for reporters and others who need an everyday tool for deadline reporting. Do you want to find someone, to know if something is a law or confirm anything quickly? If so, then here's your place. It has select and what they consider the best on the web for such searches.

  • Find Out What Your Legal Rights Are

    This is an easy to use site for Quick Legal Advice. Once there, just click on a topic and learn about your legal rights.

  • Latest Information About Medical Facts

    MedicineNet is a network of physicians who have a site with comprehensive and up-to-date health information. The sidebar links you to all kinds of medical information.

  • Quick Research Tools

    Need help with your homework? Need information about a specific topic, word, or subject? Here's your tool, Infoplease Search!
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