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Ask Dear B
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Welcome to Ask Dear 
A dollar bill is thought to bring good luck in Argentina, the home of artist and logo creator Frankie DeLeon. This logo represents a wish for good luck to all who visit here.

Welcome to Ask Dear B, the advice site, for WebTV users, in the same spirit as 'Dear Abby/Ann Landers,' that features down-to-earth solutions for everyday dilemmas.

[This site is not affiliated with WebTV Networks Incorporated or the Dear Abby/Ann Landers
Official Sites.]

If you need help with a relationship at home, work, school or on the web, just ask Dear B...

If you have a question or a problem of any kind, just ask Dear B...

If you want to express feelings about any subject, or share a funny story,
just tell Dear B...

[ All information submitted will
remain confidential.

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