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This site has received many awards. One of those sites is featured here each month.

This month's featured site is:

The Institute for Astroenergetic Studies

Was it Walt Disney who said "it's a small, small world?" If so, then here is proof. This month's featured award site owner is Hans H. Taeger, of Ireland. Hans Taeger is regarded as one of the leading international experimental, scientific and esoteric orientated astrologers.

His site, with contributions by his life partner, Thomas Siegfried, features astrology, Buddhism, Tibetan art, psychedelic research, new age, Ireland, and much, much more. Check out his site map.

It was a pleasure to accept his Kindness Award 2000 shown below. Several years ago, he found the Ask Dear B site, writing a beautiful, supportive letter to this site owner after his visit. It was easy to know that he practices what he studies, believes and teaches.

Hans and Thomas call themselves two cyber-monks as they put their work online to cultivate thought in others; based in Ireland to the rest of the world. Basically, they want all of us to imagine how loving kindness could change the world, if we all practiced it. Great thought, yes?

Hans has written books and articles and continues to work in the fields of astrological research, data collection and Buddhist studies. Do visit his site containing all of this but also full of humor and other things of interest at The Institute for Astroenergetic Studies !

Thank you, Hans and Thomas, for finding this site and for your wonderful Kindness award.

2000 Dragon Award

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