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Meet Dear B

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Meet Dear B

You may be wondering what credentials I have to be offering advice. None, except that I have good common sense and happen to have nine children. Yes, nine!

Our family "village" is a broad mixture of America. We have professionals (lawyer, nurse, banker, teacher, etc.) and we have non-professionals (waiter/waitress, laborer, homemaker, student). We have those who have made their first million dollars and those who are always trying to think of a million ways to find the money to pay the next electric bill.

Our group is a mixture of the wealthy, the comfortable, and the poor. We have Democrats and Republicans. We have those who have dedicated their lives to foreign missions and those who have no idea why anyone would do that.

Some are single, some are married, and some are wondering which they will be. Obviously, some have college degrees, while others didn't finish high school. Almost every religious denomination is represented, including one who worked for the Jewish Federation for many years. That counts, doesn't it?

Our family has dealt with most current topics in the United States today, including, but not limited to, spousal abuse to putting a loved one in a nursing home. With nine, you have a continual crisis in action.

I'm the advice person and listener; however, my advice is not always taken, which is good, too. My basic philosophy is that it is not important to be right, but very important to do what is right.

My "village" has helped me grow, form opinions, and gain understanding. They will be my resource group for this venture. My advice is from the heart and offered to you as if you were a part of our family "village"...

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I hope you will enjoy my page and use it often!

Dear B...

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