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Letters About Chat


Topic: WebTV/Computer Users Can Chat

XS Wrote:

I have a lot of family who are WebTV users and I am a computer user. I am online through AOL. We are all kind of new at the whole online thing. We want to be able to chat with each other. Can you help us?

B Responded:

Yes, go to:

and read the excellent tutorial by Paul Erickson for WebTV users and computer users.

TalkCity is where I signed up for a private, family chat room. I meet family members there often to chat.

Basically, computer users need to go to TalkCity and then download a copy of EZTalk Pro for free. They should be able to meet someone who is a WebTVer by setting the IRC server to, the port to 7000, and entering the name of the chatroom (using the exact spelling of the room). Paul's page gives additional instructions to AOL users and includes even a help site for AOL users about chat in general.

WebTV users get there from their WebTV homepage, by clicking on 'Community' and then 'Chat' at the next page, then 'Goto' (on the sidebar) of the next page. The next screen calls for them to type in in the first field, then 7000 (after deleting 6667), and then putting in the name of the chatroom where you will meet. Again, super important to put in the exact spelling of the chatroom.

It's possible, not difficult and lots of fun. Start with Paul's page and happy chatting!

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Topic: WebTV Singles Chat

HK Wrote:

Can you tell me where to find a WebTV singles chat?

B Responded:

The best site I've found for listing all WebTV user chat sites is at Sound-Chaser's Chat Cafe. Go to

There you will find more than 300 WebTV chats. There should be a chat listed for singles.

Postscript: Effective 1/19/99, there is now a non-profit WebTV users dating service site with a chatroom. Go to:

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Topic: Online Abuse

OP Wrote:

I am being harassed by two teenagers at every chat room I go to. They put terrible things up about me in bold letters. I have done everything I know to do and they still find me.

I am at my wit's end. What do I do? I have emailed but it hasn't done any good.

B Responded:

This is a serious problem. You need to write again. You might also write the Words do hurt! People should be responsible for what they say and do on the internet.

I would also recommend that you visit this site:


This is the Women Halting Online Abuse site. It is also for men. It is for any individual who wants or needs support, information, and suggestions for stopping harassment. It appears to be a well-informed and well-prepared site to assist anyone on the net.

Go there immediately and see what it has to offer. You might also email them with details of what is happening to you. Good Luck!

Everyone needs to be concerned about this issue and to do all they can to stop it! It is simply unacceptable behavior.

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Topic: Chat And Netiquette

TW Wrote:

How do you get back in a chat room after someone boots you out?

B Responded:

Any specific suggestions you might find by posting this question at the Alt.Discuss.Chatrooms; however, after viewing the parts of your letter that are not posted here, I think we need to discuss 'netiquette.'

Basically, netiquette means not doing anything or saying anything that you wouldn't want your parents or minister to know or read. This applies to anything you type at any place on the net, including your email, chatrooms, etc. It's that simple.

It is being wise, kind,considerate, and using common sense. You~~can~~be booted completely off the internet.

If you wish to do otherwise, then you need to get a private chatroom and invite people who write and act as you do.

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