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Hello, my name is KodeKracker; well, not really! My first name is really Patrick. This article is about myself, what I do, my life on the net, and pretty much the same questions the IRS asked, except the money part.

I was born in a town just west of Chicago, Illinois. I lived there until I joined the US Army in 1965. I served during the Vietnam War Era. I was released from the Army in San Antonio, Texas, and that is where I reside today. I live in a bachelor apartment overlooking the city of San Antonio; it's a great view. I work in computer technical support for a large company here.

I am divorced and have a daughter and two granddaughters. Hey, I was young when I got married! They are the loves of my life.

Two and a half years ago I bought myself a Christmas present, a WebTV Classic. At that time, my daughter and her family were in Germany and I wanted email access to talk back and forth with them.

Suddenly, I found myself in the WebTV newsgroups and meeting some of the best people on the internet, WebTV users. In my opinion, the PC world is not full of a bunch of friendly people like it is in the WebTV family. That is what it is like, a family. You will not find that anywhere else on the internet.

Once online, I was snooping all over this little WebTV box and finding all sorts of little tricks and fun things to do. I started building webpages.

My personal favorite, of the many I have done, is KodeKracker's Place . It is a help page for WebTV users with some fun tricks I found. It also has javascripts and some HTML tricks that others can use.

The next favorite page would be Stump The Monkey , a WebTV Help Forum. You can post questions, and, hopefully, get a good answer from me or anyone else who frequents this forum. There have been hundreds of questions asked and answered.

There is a search option available, so you may not have to ask a question. You only have to search for your answer. You just type in the topic you are wondering about, and the search engine will search my entire forum and come up with answers for you.

The Stump The Monkey forum is located at Star Forums. The technology for making it was done by Anthony Chu, the guy who made the Star Boulevard Transloader.

Currently I am very busy at KodeKracker's WebTV InfoCenter , a place to find out information about WebTV. Chris Ford, better known as 'Dragon,' and I put this site together initially, but I am doing it by myself now. I do not work for WebTV, so I will tell it like it is, good or bad. This site is gaining in popularity as a place with useful and helpful information.

My favorite things to do are saltwater fishing, which I am getting to do less and less these days, and horse racing. I am part owner of an internet horse racing handicapping site, where I handicap races in Kentucky and Texas. If you are interested in horse racing, then visit Hi 2 Winners . I have been handicapping horses for 23 years. I'm on a lucky streak right now so check out the tips.

I, along with others, help Dear B with technical questions that some of you ask her about WebTV. If you are wondering, as I sometimes do, how I find the time to do all of this, well, I have to keep busy because if I stop, then I may find out I like it.

I hope I haven't put you to sleep. If I did, then you probably needed the rest anyway. Take care and Go WebTV!


Editor's Note: KodeKracker has a lot of experience and knowledge and shares both with all. He never fails to help this site owner with your technical questions. Thanks, KodeKracker. Don't rest until you have visited his sites and you have benefited from both!

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