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Meet The Bald One of Brooklyn

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Tboob, the Bald One of Brooklyn!

I am a single, hispanic guy from Brooklyn, NY, where I am a buyer for a high end childrens shoe store specializing in the finest european footwear. I love theatre and I am an excellent cook.

Online I am known as Tboob and The Bald One of Brooklyn. The Bald One comes from the fact that I wear my head shaved.

I also love music and I am currently working on getting my original songs online. I have been in several bands, but not at the moment. I have seven tattoos and two cats, who have become famous in their own right, Julian and Sebastion.

My site features music, a tattoo album, Julian and Sebastion, WebTV help plus slideshows that have been a huge success. Recently, I started making holiday cards, usually featuring my kitties, Julian and Sebastion, which seem to be popular too.

I came online in March of 1997. I saw an informercial about WebTV and bought a classic that I still use today. About a year later, I got a computer too.

At first I mostly chatted online but quickly got tired of that. I began developing my own web site. Now updating my music site, Tboob's Linkable MIDI For WebTV, takes up all of my spare time. I fill many requests each week for those with specific music requests.

The computer helped me further my site and find and supply midi files for WebTVers. I only build on the PC now. It is much faster, but I always recheck and view on WebTV.

I can be found in the alt.discuss.homepage [ADH] and alt.discuss.mid newsgroups. Everyone should visit the ADH newsgroup for tips and help. There you will find a loving bunch of people who are always willing to lend a helping hand. If you are interested in music, the mid newsgroup, while smaller in number who participate, is also a place to share and discuss music.

I am very happy being a part of the Top 100 Music Sites for WebTVers. If after visiting my site, you want to help by voting for me, then you may do so here and Thanks!


Editor's Note:

Creative, talented, giving, interesting, knowlegeable are only a few of the words that describe Tboob to a "T." He is one of the most contributing members of the WebTV community. This site owner is pleased to call him an online friend.

Do not miss visiting him and consider becoming a part of his Family Page by leaving a link to your homepage.

Tboob was featured in an article done by Net4TV last year. Don't miss that either. He is absolutely a WebTVer to the core and One of the Best!

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