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Letters About Technical Help

Letters About Technical Help

Topic: Homepage Necessary?

AN Wrote:

I'm new to the internet. Is it, in your opinion, necessary to have a web page? One of my children, who has several computers, says I do not need one and that I'll only attract unwanted email with a web page. What do you think?

B Responded:

No, it is not necessary to have a web page. WebTV, however, makes it very simple to have one through its Pagebuilder that you will find by clicking on 'community' from your WebTV homepage. A homepage there requires no html knowledge and it's a good place to share pictures, interests, etc., that you have, plus you do learn some new online skills by using the Pagebuilder.

Spam, that's unwanted email, is something you won't avoid if you do anything online. It's like your mailbox at home. Don't you sometimes wonder why and how you get those catalogs, credit card applications, and how they know you are a senior citizen, etc.? Well, you'll wonder online too regardless of whether you have a homepage or not.

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Topic: Quick and Dirty Email

LR Wrote:

I am put off by the term 'quick and dirty email.' What does that term mean? I read it in your introduction page.

B Responded:

What you read is not this site's introduction page. You read the article written about this site at ZD Net, and, having no humility, there is a link to that article from this site. It is a term you will probably see again while on the internet.

My source tells me, in the beginning of computer days, there was QDOS. This was a disk-based operating system that ran a personal computer. A guy in California wrote it, and called it 'QDOS,' because it was a 'Quick And Dirty Operating System.' The term 'Quick & Dirty' comes from the military. It is used to describe a solution that works, a bare-bones solution that gets the job done.

The guy that wrote 'QDOS' sold it to Bill Gates for $60,000. Bill Gates renamed it 'MS-DOS' or 'Microsoft Disk Operating System' and licensed it to IBM at $40 a pop. The rest is history.

Basically, the term 'Quick and Dirty' denotes a good piece of engineering that arrives 'Just In Time' and 'Gets The Job Done' (e.g., it is a one-person show that accomplishes the task).

On the web, one should always ask, as you have done, before deciding, reacting or being offended. Ask and learn...the way of the web. Thanks for asking, too.

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Topic: WebTV Downloading/Transloading

Letter to WebTV Users:

The following email is being circulated regarding the possible loss of the StarBoulevard Transloader. I choose to share it here as this would be a tremendous loss for WebTV users. I believe the email to be true about the possibility of losing this asset for the WebTV community of homepage builders.

The transloader is the only facility where WebTV users can transload gifs to their own files, thus not being thieves of bandwidth on the internet, which is a serious problem. It is my thought that something can be worked out by all, but, that perhaps, WebTV itself needs to be aware of the problem. The letter circulating reads as follows:

Anthony's Transloader was the greatest thing to happen to webtv users. It allowed us to transload images to our own homepage directories and not to have to link to other peoples images and make them angry at webtv users. Since Webtv is unwilling to provide a service to us like this then they should either pay for the service for us or at least spend some advertising money on it.

The Tatung Corporation will only go so far with Anthony on a project that is costing them a lot of money and may someday tell him to shut the transloader down. Webtv users are the main users of the transloader. It has helped the WebTV Corporation by making the internet more fun for us.

If you believe, like I do, that webtv should pay for the service then forward this message to


or write WebTV via snail mail to:

WebTV Networks
1250 Charleston Boulevard
Mountain View, CA 94043

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Topic: WebTV HTML

NP Wrote:

I just got started on the internet and I don't know about html or computers. I have lots of questions like if I find something that I want to put on my homepage, how do I 'pick it up' and put it where I want it?

B Responded:

Get you a pen and paper and write these urls down. Then, go visit them.

First, I would advise you to read, read, read about html and a good beginning place is at: e/8795/sitemap. html

This is Paul Erickson's place for WebTV users. He explains many, many things, including how to do html and html in signatures for WebTV users. Read and re-read this site until you begin to understand it. Then try to few things he describes.

Next, if you have questions, then go to the alt.discuss.homepage or alt.discuss.homepage.opinions newsgroups for WebTV users only. There you can ask anything you like and get responses.

You can get to the newsgroups by clicking on 'Community' on the sidebar at your WebTV homepage, then click on 'Bulletin Board Postings' and at the next page you will see a field that asks you 'Type a discussion topic.' There you simply type in alt.discuss.homepage or alt.discuss.homepage.opinions and you'll be in the newsgroup. Lots of help and lots to learn there.

For specific questions about how to 'pick it up,' both Paul Erickson's site, mentioned above, explains this as does another excellent site. For transloading (that's what 'picking it up' means for WebTV users), go to Ron's Transloader 411 page.

The url to go to Ron's site is: illage/8954/tra nsload411.html

There you find complete answers. Good luck! We're all newbies here and learning together. If you will visit the places I have suggested, then you'll be on your way to learning, meeting very helpful people, and having lots of fun on the web.

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Topic: WebTV Bouncing Email

WebTV users can 'bounce' email and you can see how to do it at:

Many want to find out a code or url of a specific gif in someone's email signature. To do this, you have to bounce the email to view the coding. The above instructions will tell you how to do this.

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Topic: Concerns

TR Wrote:

Can I ask you technical questions or only personal questions? Will you give my name out if you can't help me?

B Responded:

If you mean questions about html, chat, etc., yes, you can. You can ask about anything. I may not know the answers but I can either find out or find someone who can help you. I know many people that I trust to help with answers to any technical questions.

I do not give out anyone's name or email addy. I would send you the name of the person and/or the information and you would have to contact them.

Several people have asked such questions and have been helped by other WebTV users. This may be an appropriate time to mention that WebTV users just have to be the best at offering help and helping one another!

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Topic: WebTV Backgrounds

Dear B Message:

I have been receiving several emails regarding many who have lost backgrounds on their homepages and who want to know if I can assist them.

I understand that many times it is simply the fact that you may have a jpg for a background and you need to change it to a gif, then transload it to your site.

I want to encourage any and all to post in the WebTV newsgroups...specifically "Alt.Discuss.Homepage" and "Alt.Discuss.Homepage.Opinions"...where you will receive help, knowledgeable help.

If you feel uncomfortable with that, please, of course, ask me and I can give you the names of two or three people who have helped others with this problem which has only recently become one for WebTV users.

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Topic: WebTV and C/C/P

MM Wrote:

How do I cut, copy and paste?

B Responded:

One of the best sites I've found to explain cut, copy and paste is Paul Erickson's at e/8795/cutcopypaste.html

Go there and see if it can help you. If it doesn't help, then let me know and I will find someone to tutor you on a one-to-one basis. Good luck!

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Topic: False Information

Dear B Message:

I am receiving tons of email from concerned webbers stating:

' I received the following message from a friend. It affects everyone who has internet access, so please spend a moment
to protect yourself from unfair government regulation.

CNN stated that in two weeks the U.S. government would decide whether to allow a Charge to Your Phone Bill
equal to a long distance call, each time you access the internet.'

This is not true! Please visit the FCC site which states just that. Your help is needed to stop this rumor and to stop these chain letters which carry such misinformation.

Visit the following site to read more factual information about this subject:

Thanks for your help.

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Topic: PC Keyboard Too Small

GA Wrote:

These keys on the keyboard that you get with a computer are just too small for my fingers. Would you know where I could get a keyboard with 'fat' keys so that when I type then I wouldn't hit the neighbor key?

B Responded:

As far as I know, most companies do not make keyboards in larger sizes. Most offer only standard size keyboards.

I would recommend that you contact, perhaps online, the maker of your computer and ask. It's my understanding that a few companies do offer larger keyboards to those who are handicapped and/or have a medical reason for supplying one.

There is one site I found online that offers 'enlarged keyboards for PC's' and you can visit it at ''

Too, you might want to consider getting a WebTV for email and internet usage. :) The keyboard is a nice size and all you need is a lap to place the keyboard on and a comfortable recliner chair.

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Topic: Homepage Help


Needing assistance with building/constructing a homepage? Need a quick question answered? Simply click on the banner below then click on 'helpers' on the sidebar for more information and help. Just for you as a WebTV User!

WebTV ADH Homepage Helpers Construction Crew 
Banner by ~Cue~

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Topic: PC Upgrade

Please Note:

Here's a letter and reply that I am unable to get back to the person:

I have internet explorer. How do I upgrade this browser to be able to see applet related sites.

B Responds:

I've found out that you can download it at Microsoft. Go to -/library/homepage/images/banner_ie5.gif and you can also order it on CD using the same link if you prefer not to spend all the time downloading it.

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